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The paths we take, begins with the choices we make. We cannot keep repeating the old and not suffer. Time to get up and out from under the covers and for God's sake, stop blaming others.

Not very admirable passing the buck. Looking to find ways to cover up, run and duck. Some may think they have a streak of luck, but in reality, they couldn't be more stuck.

And as I write these words I have to question what part of me does the same? As I discover the various ways, I learn to be more conscious throughout My days.

There is a lot of denial to dig through. What amazed me... the more I released them the more I realized, what I had been seeking for was with me all along. my life hasn't been all wrong?

This knowledge provided within it a Truth unlike any known before. Yes, of course after all explored, the savior of my soul, the only one that ever could be...low and behold is me.

Life events along with the people in it makes recognizing this a difficult feat. There are times I believed I was at another's mercy and without a doubt victim of my circumstance. Many times, I've thought to myself, if this is loving no thanks, it stank!

Yet if not for the experiences forcing me to actually look within, with so many over the years, I’ve opened myself to An overwhelming sea of emotions, cried many tears. Some express joy, while others are laden with self-doubt, sorrow and fear.

Understanding what comprises a human being, the two operating forces that created our very existence, if you will, the mental and emotional body of God...Vision and Experience. While one is seated in the mind and the other leads us to feel and know. This is what life bestows.

It's finding a balance between them nestled in the heart. There is no time like the present for this kind of journey for one to embarked. Bring acceptance and be gentle on the self when arriving face to face with what was left behind and in existing in the dark.

One must remember when doing so, to bring with them loving light. The warm soft glow eases the rejecters fright. As well as help us to heal what the grip of denial has inflicted in it's hellish eternal night. Our objective here is healing into wholeness.

The unknown becoming known in the presence of our mind, free of judgments against them of any kind. There is no other way but to feel what's unseen but near. Quite similar to what we desire when wronged by others, who refuse to take responsibility much less want to hear.

How many of us realize the countless times we've dealt with our emotions in the same way. Our solution has been to keep them at bay and far away, while our emotional body is forced to hold the feelings of death and decay. Don't you think they might have something to say?

When we find ourself in the clutches of judgments against certain emotions as they begin to surface, we will know we are on the right path, because they feel bad. Our first choice has been to deny them, but even then it never seemed to matter speaking for myself, as my freedom from them would never last.

,So please be patient, remain open as much as you can, Ask God to join you, he's been eagerly waiting too. Yes, to look within, bring acceptance and his loving light to the denied emotional body, namely his other half the Divine Mother in you. You'll begin to understand and will discover once you do, it's within your grasp to experience true happiness.

we now know true freedom comes when we release our judgment, let loving light reach our brokenness and allow expression. Giving back his other half her voice depends upon our choice, Healing into wholeness isn’t an easy task, but in choosing too, our salvation will come at last.

PS: Some of my views are not mainstream. How I believe, is just that. To say mine is the only true way is limiting the limitlessness of God. Any and all are good as long as it is based in love. God Bless

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