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Do you not know unrighteousness,
Will not inherit His Kingdom;
Deprive you of His blessedness,
As well as spiritual wisdom.

Allow not in being deceived,
Sexual immorality;
Some homosexuals believed,
Causes not a mortality.

For what adulterers practice,
Are like being thieves in the night;
And acting more like a cactus,
Pricks every woman in sight.

Thieves and drunks verbally abuse,
Never inherits His domain;
For the language that they misuse,
That is so vulgar and profane.

Some of you may have lived this way,
But when you have been sanctified;
You no longer had gone astray,
Since in Christ you are justified.

All things are now lawful for me;
But not all is beneficial;
With wisdom now helps me to see,
The pleasures as sacrificial.

Stomach are for intake of food;
But the body is not for acts;
Caused by an immoral mood,
From any sexual contacts.

God raised the Lord up from the dead,
He will raise us with His power;
Immoral behavior instead,
Will pass you by of each hour.

We are all as members of Christ,
In Him we have become as one;
But if you have become enticed,
You are separate from the Son.

The one united with the Lord,
Will be in one Spirit with Him;
And for being in one accord,
Possessing His spiritual vim.

Glorify yourself in His name,
Because you were bought with a price;
Always be willing to proclaim,
Never letting this world entice.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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