1/19/19 Pastor Skip's Connection

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Thanks, Lord, for Your Messages on Your Site.
This is Your Site and these are Your Messages, God Almighty.
My prayer is that You give comfort, encouragement and peace to the victims of the tragedies that happen in the world in the name of Jesus Christ.
1 Samuel 12:19-25
Prayer is action.
Prayer is also a lifestyle.
Prayer is additionally an attitude.
Prayer matters.
Prayer is communication with You.
Prayer covers those in the paths You have laid out for us.
Prayer can protect Your people.
Reverend Billy Graham wanted to pray more.
Prayer can actually protection people from exposure, which is what covering really is.
You are God and communication with You really matters.
You speak to me on this site and You speak through others via technology in addition to in person, promptings, suggestions, dreams, visions, and other ways.
You are here even on this site.
You defined through Pastor Beth what a prayversation is on the Basics in late 2017.
Prayer is needful.
Samuel was a man of prayer.
1 Samuel 3 and 1 Samuel 12:3
1 Samuel 15
Jeremiah 15
Psalm 99
Moses was a man of prayer also.
1 Samuel 12:16-19a
I need to pray and You have made promises throughout Scripture that I can stand on.
It broke Samuel's heart when Your people asked for a king, a monarch.
They rejected You, not Samuel.
You so often want more for us.
Many of us never pray except when we are in trouble.
79% of Americans pray once a week.
I need to pray more, Lord, and I should not be too busy to pray.
Many of us pray as a last resort instead of a first response.
I need You in all areas of the life You have given me.
You are Sovereign and You can do whatever You want to do.
In Your sovereignty, You voluntarily link Yourself to our cooperation.
You voluntarily link Yourself to human cooperation in Your divine sovereignty.
You are Sovereign and You are ready to hear our prayers.
Without You, we cannot and without us, You will not.
In James 4:2, You say that we have not because we ask not.
We can intercede for those You have placed in our paths.
Intercession means to ask on behalf of someone else.
You are Awesome.
You are Great.
You are Cool.
Philippians 4:6
Adoration, petition, and impreccatition are forms of prayer.
I need to look up the spelling of the I-word.
My prayer is that society receives You in the name of Jesus Christ.
Intercession is helpful.
James 5:16
Ezekiel 22
I need to stand in the gap between You and people so that You can work on their behalf.
Amen, thank You.

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