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New Year New Life.
Political changes here in Brazil and in the world.
Capitalism ending with the Environment.
In the streets the traffic, the exhibitionist manifestations of people without concept, taking away the right to come and go of any other citizen. Such dances funks, which produce environmental dirt, maddening sound, not counting the narcotics that sustain many people to become zombies.
Finally, to awaken the year, with so much disappointment, with situations that only hurt the good people, and the worst that everything turns news.
Today January 1st, here in Brazil, summer time, 10:30 am, in reality by the position of the Sun, 9:30 am, already sad news, but also of governmental possessions, in São Paulo, João Dória assumes the Paulista government , I am really worried about being a civil servant, a teacher for SEESP for 30 years, and I only saw changes to make the lives of students, employees and teachers worse. I know, I do not close my eyes, they have the bad professionals, just like any other profession, but we expect, as a teacher, respect, a fair wage, and a special retirement as our politicians have, and they steal us away.
And in Brasilia, later, the possession of @JairMessiasBolsonaro, elected president of Brazil by the people in the last elections, may God bless us to have a country free of trafficking everything, children, women, drugs, pirated goods and others.
May we have environmental awareness, spend less water, plant more trees, be less consumeristic, and above all respect the small indigenous groups that still remain in Brazil, and in the world.
I hope that the dictatorship is not white, and that we can have freedom of print, that we seek love, peace, faith and hope for better days.
May God in 2019 be our home, as the song says:
,that we can always thank a new time, there is God.
2019, that reigns Justice, Peace and Faith, and that we may not commit crimes, injuries, and respect every kind of Being. We are living beings, we have the same particles of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen ... we are creatures of the same Creator, be the name of Allah, Jehovah, Emmanuel, Oxalá, Yahweh. God is unique.
2019, may we enrich ourselves with Wisdom, with victories, but without causing harm to others, that we may go to our churches, but without prejudice to others, to worship, and so on. May 2019 be a year of great health and peace.
Teka Castro, writer, chemistry teacher, mother, daughter, wife, environmentalist, spiritualist.
São Paulo, January 1, 2019. 10: 50h.
I write for the etastic intentional site in English and for Fine Arts Ning in Portuguese language.
Peace and good.
God bless us all !!!
Thanks for everything.
Comment and if you like spread (share).
Téka Castro

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