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I heard of your faith in the Lord,
As well as your love in the saints;
Showing they are loved and adored,
Without having any constraints.

I cease not to give thanks for you,
Remembering you in my prayers;
Because I know all that you do,
Being someone that really cares.

I pray to God of our Lord,
Who is the Father of glory;
That He gives you the just reward,
A spiritual inventory.

An inventory of insight,
And inventory of wisdom;
Enabled to have a delight,
What is stored up in His Kingdom.

May He give you revelation,
In the knowledge of Him that grows;
And knowledge of the salvation,
The mercy and grace He bestows.

Because of the eyes of your heart,
Have been enlightened to the Lord;
While knowing that hope does impart,
Impossible to be ignored.

What is the wealth totally worth,
Of His splendid inheritance;
Is it the same value on earth,
Being of the same importance.

What is the exceeding greatness,
Of His power to whom believe;
Does it assure you of straightness,
For inheritance you receive.

This power He exercised in Christ,
When He raised Him up from the dead;
After He had been sacrificed,
Now in heavenly realms be fed.

Far above any other rule,
Authority and dominion;
Far above phony ridicule,
From ridiculous opinion.

God put all things under His feet,
Gave Him to the church as the head;
The right side of God is His seat,
For sins of believers are shed.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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