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I cannot speak as spiritual,
For you are just infants in Christ;
Rather in terms being carnal,
Because you still have been enticed.

I fed you milk not solid food,
Because you still are not prepared;
Having a carnal attitude,
Too conceited in being shared.

You are not ready to be fed,
And have not been yet from the start;
A carnal body that is dead,
And having a corrupted heart.

For you are carnal in your mind,
Being filled with much jealousy;
And not being humbled and kind,
Rather filled with strife from envy.

You behave in a human way,
Walking in fleshy desires;
That causes you to go astray,
What the carnal mind requires.

When you follow another man,
You are not set to follow Christ;
To follow the Lord and His plan,
Let the Father keep you enticed.

The servants through whom you believe,
Are just messengers for the Lord;
Assigned by the Lord to receive,
The Gospel not to be ignored.

God planted and watered to grow,
Becoming a flower to bloom;
Giving a message as to show,
Silver linings beyond the gloom.

Whoever plants and waters it,
Nothing without God giving growth;
Enriched by the Holy Spirit,
Unto those who will take the oath.

Those who plant, and water are one,
Each receives wages for labor;
Passing it down unto their son,
And sharing it with their neighbor.

We are fellow farmers with God,
Cultivating out in the field;
Growing as you honor and laud,
Preparing to harvest the yield.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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