Faith Triumphs

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Since we have been declared righteous,
For by faith we have peace with God;
Who remains in the subconscious,
Reminding to honor and laud.

For through Jesus Christ our Lord,
We have obtained our access;
Into this grace by faith adored,
We rejoice while He will bless.

The hope of the glory of God,
We even rejoice afflictions;
Toil causing us to be flawed,
Being tempted by addictions.

For affliction gives endurance,
Endurance gives us character;
Producing hope with assurance,
With Christ as our instructor.

This hope will not disappoint you,
For the love of God is poured out;
As His Spirit keeps your heart true,
And never leaving any doubt.

For while we were still helpless,
At the exact appointed time;
Jesus Christ died so God could bless,
The ungodly for any crime.

Rarely will one die for the just,
Though the good might dare to die;
Never for those as filled with lust,
Lie down his life not asking why.

But God proves His own love for you,
Even though we were still sinners;
And hopefully that you construe,
Attempting to make us winners.

Since we have been declared righteous,
His blood has saved us from His wrath;
Spiritually contentious,
And mindful of the aftermath.

For we were reconciled to God,
Through the death of Jesus His Son;
His Spirit purges where we are flawed,
Ensuring new life has been won.

We rejoice in God through the Lord,
For being reconciled through Him;
And we remain in one accord,
Be atoned for spiritual vim.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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