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Regardless of anything any has to say
if this planet has ant chance of being in
time .. There should be only one law that
all children get the best education be it
in Private or Public schools ..

Little children all start their lives
With every chance that be~
But subjected to the conditions around them
No real difference than a newly planted tree~
Its those first important years for a child
When they first become who they are~
And with what they learn in those very first years
Will remain within them as they go far~
No different than a newly planted tree
It will only grow due to to where its planted~
And if the soil is rich or poor
Depends on how it grows its granted~
Its those first and most important years of learning
That lay the foundation within a child~
And all a child takes in so deeply within
Remaines that soul for life all the while~
Attitudes are then taught and formed
In those first years of learning~
Its back then it first lights that souls candle
And for life deeply within it is always burning~
Those very first impressive learning years as a child
Depending what and how they then learn
If they did or didn't know love and of God above
Tells if they'll know happiness or for it they'll yern~
Those very first years of learning for a child
Becomes the child within they'll always know~
Its those very first years of happiness and tears
And thus the tree shall grow~

Terrence Michael Sutton
copyright 2006

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