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If you discover one in sin,
You who are spiritual restore;
Must evict his evil within,
By helping him to find the cure.

Make sure you pay close attention,
That you are not tempted as well;
And have a full comprehension,
That has been casted from a spell.

Carry and bear of their vexes,
As to fulfill the Law of Christ;
And anything that perplexes,
That iniquities are enticed.

If someone thinks they are something,
Themselves are the one as deceived,
Because they are really nothing,
As to what they have once believed.

Let one examine their own deeds,
Then they are able to take pride;
Match not how another succeeds,
Rather only the things they tried.

For each one carries his own load,
As they have received instruction;
And are hauling it down the road,
Should expect some obstruction.

Now anyone who has received,
Their instruction within the Word;
Must share all good things they believed,
As being taught and they have heard.

God will never be made a fool,
So, do not ever be deceived;
Always follow His golden rule,
So that success can be achieved.

Because what a person will sow,
Will be what a person will reap;
Since God will ensure it to grow,
A successful harvest to keep.

A person who sows putridness,
From the flesh reaps iniquities;
And has been filled with the darkness,
From all the immoralities.

We take the opportunity,
Helping others to reap the fruit;
Rid them of their iniquity,
And for purifying their root.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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