Which School for the 21st Century?

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Which School for the 21st Century?

Today I came across a research from Puc, with this theme. And, considering my life as a teacher during these 30 years in the education of São Paulo, I really reflect, what is the function of the school in the twenty-first century? Where are children born into a "Wonderful New World"?
The technology they learn to use from diapers, and forget the eye in the eye, constant dialogue with parents, grandparents, and the personal relationship itself, where it is inserted?
On another day, I believe in whatsapp, that the function of the school would be the transmission of Knowledge, even from such Tis and social networks, but the function of the family, would continue to teach respect, to thank, diversity among siblings, companionship , the non-aggression of parents between themselves and their children, the question of Re-ligion, or of a Supreme Being, who created everything, respect for Nature, and finally the school would not have to worry about violence, of bullying, of the pre-concept, because it would only recover what the family was based.
But today the school is considered as everything, and there is no longer the quest for knowledge itself, I remind everyone, who not everything "uncle google" can answer, but the basis of everything lies in the simple complexity of the Family, and in the knowledge of the teacher in his own experience of Life.
What School do we want for this new century?
What can we do so that our boys and girls overcome their difficulties and learn daily, let go of these technologies a little and invest in the Human Being, in the sweetness of friendship and respect, so that all of us in the future will not have to suffer because we gave up our children and adolescents a lot.
Another fact, my generation, in the 40s and 50s, because I did not have a cell phone as a child, but other toys, today we ourselves, however educated, get lost in this conflicting world of using such social networks and technologies.
And in reality, we often talk to our neighbors, via whatssapp, and facebook, among others, or with our co-workers, our own family, but on a daily basis, we forget to say good morning. It is time for us to change our attitudes and live with more integrity, and I believe that if we each do our part, our family, our society and our school, we will certainly have a more just and true world.
Téka Castro. Teacher and writer. Educational article.
#TI #Resecutives #Nuclear family #Respect # Justice

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