Treasure in Clay Jars

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We have this treasure in clay jars,
For the power belongs to God;
That stretches to the farthest stars,
The reason we honor and laud.

We are experiencing trouble,
On every side but not smashed;
God pulls us out from the rubble,
Before the enemy has clashed.

We are not driven in despair,
Although we are very perplexed;
Because we look to God in prayer,
Concerned about what will be next.

Many times, being persecuted,
But we have not been deserted;
From many that have disputed,
The ones that are extroverted.

Deep inside is the death of Christ,
So, His life is made visible;
Professing what He sacrificed,
Eternal life is viable.

We are alive handed to death,
As being mortal for His sake;
Made visible with a new breath,
Since eternal life is at stake.

For death is at work deep within,
But new life is at work in you;
As the Holy Spirit cleans sin,
Making you as righteously true.

But since we have the same spirit,
Faith has been shown what is written;
Working with a righteous merit,
Although expect to be smitten.

I have believed therefore I spoke,
You also believe as you speak;
That the heathen calls it a joke,
Because of their faith has been weak.

We have done this because we know,
Which raised up Jesus from the dead;
To witness of the things we show,
As given in writing instead.

For our affliction is light,
Glory as an eternal weight;
That is able to shed insight,
While focusing on your fate.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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