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Just as you have always obeyed,
Not only within my presence;
Knowing that you have never strayed,
But even more in my absence.

Keep working out your salvation,
Giving much awe and reverence;
Able to build your foundation,
Remaining in His compliance.

Bring forth effort and desire,
For the sake of His good pleasure;
For the blessings you acquire,
Will be your heavenly treasure.

Do anything without grumbling,
So that you are blameless and pure;
And for keeping you from stumbling,
With hardships that you can endure.

Children of God without blemish,
Life in a perverse society;
Where the greed makes people selfish,
And causing such anxiety.

You shine as a light in this place,
While holding the Word of life;
The comfort of Christ to embrace,
That shields you in the midst of strife.

On the day of Christ, I can boast,
I ran not in vain nor labor;
For because of the Holy Ghost,
Assisting vim for my neighbor.

I am poured out just like a drink,
Offering as a sacrifice;
Through a service of faith to think,
As to not let this world entice.

I am glad and rejoice with you,
Encouraged all of which I hear;
Able to proclaim what is true,
And always able to revere.

There is no one that is like Christ,
Demonstrating his deep concern;
And willing to be sacrificed,
For your salvation you to earn.

But being like a son to serve,
And for advancing the Gospel;
Be aware of the learning curve,
While preaching to the people.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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