The Great Day of the LORD

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God will destroy everything,
That is on the face of the earth;
He will destroy the birds that sing,
Destroy both man and beast through dearth.

God will set up the stumbling blocks,
For cutting off man from the land;
Of the wicked the one who mocks,
By disobeying His command.

For His plan that has been unfurled,
By removing humanity;
Living on the face of this world,
Saving those with humility.

He will remove all from this place,
Every trace of the false gods;
As well as the priests that embrace,
Any doctrines found being frauds.

Those who worship stars in the sky,
God will remove them from this land;
Because the Creator they deny,
As they vanish in sinking sand.

Those who turn have merely ignored,
Desire not His guidance;
Will have felt the wrath of the Lord,
All because of their defiance.

Be silent before the Lord your God,
For Judgment Day is almost here;
You are lukewarm for being flawed,
Because you never did revere.

The Lord has already prepared,
A sacred sacrificial meal;
And that will be righteously shared,
To give them a spiritual zeal.

All those that rule will feel His wrath,
That are clothed with strange apparel;
Guiding people down the wrong path,
And had took them into peril.

He will punish all those who leap,
Over the threshold for the wealth;
The house where their master does sleep,
And would be causing him poor health.

On that day you will hear a cry,
A loud cry goes up from the fish gate;
From the ones who do not comply,
As they finally see their fate.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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