Public Health Care in the next 10 years.

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Public Health Care in the next 10 years.

Suddenly we see ourselves, citizens, normal, poor, or middle class, to go in the Unified Health System (SUS), we face queue, delay, and others, not to mention this classification of Manchester, which verifies the risk that runs patient.
It is sick today, it has to do with the lack of Environmental Awareness, the rush, the technology itself, the financial hassles that fool around us and other factors.
The very lack of sensibility lost of people, not to mention the political question, that there, I am outraged and I know that many other Brazilians also stay, politicians, like us teachers, managers of the public network, we are civil servants, but in the case of the teacher, he uses the SUS or some hospital of the public servant, the consultations are delayed, and many die without having obtained the minimum of assistance or a vacancy. And if it is some experts, that is to leave aside, is to lose sight of.
Our politicians, even the president of the republic and governors, are servants, but if they have a little pain in the nail, they go to private hospitals like Einstein, Syrian - Lebanese and others. And the bill is left over to the taxpayers of the various taxes we have to pay to help the poor servants of these servants treat themselves well in a private hospital.
And, we, the general population beg for the chaos of Public Health.
I also point out that many diseases are caused by our own lack of care for the environment, for devastating trees and murdering every living being, for not having rules for sweeping our sidewalks, and for throwing garbage and sewage in rivers, streams, and seas. Look at our beaches, all empty of consumption, all worthless, and the dying animals murdered by us.
If Earth is sick, it was we who caused the disease in it.
And, quoting an apology rather than Kabbalistic, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse have already arrived.
land - Brumadinho
water - floods in various parts of the world.
ar- several serious accidents, among them recently - Ricardo Boechat.
Not to mention that if we lose where we plant and the water source of life what we will have is DEATH!

Téka Castro, writer, professor of the discipline of Chemistry, environmentalist and spiritualist.
São Paulo, February 15, 2019.
Peace and good.
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