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I urge you to appreciate,
And requesting intercessions;
Praying what is appropriate,
Along with your confessions.

Give thanks to people that you know,
As well as to those you do not;
Even for the leaders to and fro,
Of solutions that they have sought.

That we may lead a peaceful life,
In godliness and dignity;
Coping through in the midst of strife,
In our lives through liberty.

Such prayer for all is very good,
Welcomed by God our Savior;
Who wants us to do as we should,
He will look on us with favor.

For He wants all people be saved,
Come to the knowledge of the truth;
No longer with sin be enslaved,
Be humbled rather than uncouth.

For there is only one true God,
And one intermediary;
That we are to honor and laud,
A Counsel when we are weary,

A Mentor for humanity,
Who was human Jesus the Christ;
For our Christianity,
Our hope who was sacrificed.

Christ gave Himself as a ransom,
Revealing of His true purpose;
Although for all there will be some,
That a confession will surface.

What I tell you is not a lie,
Because the truth will set you free;
No longer will be asking why,
Since the insight helps you to see.

So, I want each of you to pray,
At any time and any place;
Lifting your hands up to obey,
As you ask for mercy and grace.

Pray without anger or dispute,
As you show the proper respect;
Never try to ever refute,
His commandments never reject.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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