Taming the Tongue

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Not many should become teachers,
Because those who teach will be judged;
A greater strictness as preachers,
That some others may have begrudged.

Be not masters knowing that we,
Shall receive great condemnation;
Stumbling in many ways shall be,
Causing you abomination.

If anyone does not stumble,
Then they must be a perfect man;
Be careful as not to mumble,
An understanding that they can.

A horse gets a bridle and bit,
So that they obey and abide;
We must also one that will fit,
For our tongue to help us guide.

A ship will have rudder and sails,
So, the pilot directs its way;
While fish and birds use their tails,
To stay on course without delay.

A small member such as the tongue,
Likes to boast about some great things;
But like the fire it has flung,
Such a destruction that it brings.

The tongue is fire in a world,
Causing your body to be charred;
Allowing the flames to be hurled,
Causes your body to be scarred.

It is such an unrighteous place,
As located behind the lips;
Working together in disgrace,
Forcing out with little quips.

Every kind of beast and bird,
As well as creatures of the sea;
Can be tamed by every word,
That mankind having said to be.

But the tongue no human can tame,
It is full of deadly poison;
For the thoughts of man are the same,
When the mind will become frozen.

The mouth is a blessing and curse,
But these things ought not to be so;
Allowing both things to disperse,
Through the same outlet that they flow.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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