The Preeminence of Christ

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He is the image of the Father,
The first born of all creation;
Believers think as a Brother,
Are rewarded their salvation,

For we have redemption through His blood,
Even the forgiveness of sin;
As baptized in the crimson flood,
Allowing us cleansing within.

For by Him all things created,
Up in Heaven and here on earth;
For God never deviated,
From the miracle of its birth.

All things were created through Him,
Visible and invisible;
The use of His spiritual vim,
As considered conceivable.

He is before everything,
In Him all things hold together;
Of the goodness that it will bring,
When worshipping as we gather.

For Christ is the head of the church,
He is the firstborn from the dead,
The Preeminence that we seek,
The body and blood, we are fed.

In Him all the fullness of God,
Pleasing unto us when we dwell;
Enable to honor and laud,
As to what the Scriptures do tell.

To Himself all reconciled,
Whether on earth or in Heaven;
Through the cross all undefiled,
By the blood peace has been given.

Once was hostile in your mind,
Alienates through evil deeds;
Now with being humble and kind,
God caters to all of your needs.

He reconciled through His death,
As to be holy and blameless;
Resurrecting you through new breath,
Ensuring to heavenly bless.

May your faith continue steadfast,
Stable from hope of the Gospel;
So that your life will ever last,
Being proclaimed to His people.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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