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The Holy Spirit is in me,
Since the Lord has anointed;
Giving me the insight to see,
The reason I was appointed.

To proclaim the year of the Lord,
The day that God has His vengeance,
Upon all those that have ignored,
Refusing to show repentance.

A day to comfort all who mourn,
Provide for those who in Zion;
Discipline all of those who scorn,
Devour them like a lion.

Those who mourn will be righteous trees,
Planted by God to glorify;
Feeling grace of the gentle breeze,
Flowing through them to sanctify.

They will rebuild as they restore,
Ancient ruins of devastation;
As His mercy and grace does pour,
Grants to future generations.

Strangers will stand feeding your flock,
Foreigners will be your farmers;
But you are the pastors to talk,
For preaching the Word and honors.

They will speak of you as the priests,
Eating the wealth of the nation;
Boasting riches with lavish feasts.
Dominion of your foundation.

Because your shame has been double,
Crying that their part as a disgrace;
The priests are nothing but trouble,
Discredit to the human race.

For the Lord loves holy justice,
And hates the lies and discontent;
The love and peace one does practice,
Having no malice of intent.

I greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul be joyful in my God;
As I remain in one accord,
Worshipping to honor and laud.

For as the earth produced a sprout,
Enabled as sown in the spring;
Giving birth by shedding no doubt,
A jubilee of praise to sing.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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