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Offering for a sacrifice,
That you never did desire;
Because of what that will entice,
You are prepared to acquire.

Sin offerings you took delight,
Whole burnt offerings not keen of;
That is seeing no more insight,
As well as blessings from above.

But the Lord has come and is here,
As it is written in the book;
We must do His will and revere,
Because Her has never forsook.

Offerings of sacrifices,
You desire not with delight;
Buying at the bargain prices,
Continue doing what is right.

For I am here to do His will,
As He does away with the first;
And He is able to instill,
A desire that will not thirst.

By His will we are made holy,
Offering ourselves to Christ;
Child of the One and only,
Allowing not to be enticed.

Not enticed by this planet earth,
Just serving the Lord as a priest;
As baptized into a new birth,
Prepared for the upcoming feast.

Sacrifices takes not away sin,
Only confession for the soul;
Holy Spirit will cleanse within,
For reaching your heavenly goal.

A priest offers for just one time,
A sacrifice committed sin;
Must be repeated for each crime,
For any guilt flowing within.

But Jesus had died for all time,
And sits on the right hand of God;
If confessed in prayer for the crime,
You will be cleansed where you are flawed.

One offering perfect for all,
For those who have been made holy;
Rescuing you upon a fall,
Being your triune God solely.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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