Undeserved Suffering

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Be sympathetic of like mind,
And you should love all believers;
Also, compassionate and kind,
But cautious about deceivers.

Be humble and do not pay back,
Evil for evil or insult;
Be considerate to who lack,
Maturity as an adult.

Give a blessing to those you call,
So, you inherit a blessing;
Comfort them whenever they fall,
Forgive after their confessing.

For the one who wants to love life,
To see good days must keep his tongue;
Speaking evil which causes strife,
Speak no deceit ever be flung.

They must turn away from evil,
And do only things that are good;
Pursue peace and not the devil,
Remembering things that you should.

For the eyes of the Lord can see,
Just like His ears able to hear;
All the praying that you should be,
For worshipping to revere.

The face of the Lord is against,
What is evil that people do;
Instigations that have commenced,
Spreading rumors that are not true.

Who will harm while doing good,
As committed to what is right;
A solid rock where you have stood,
That is keeping you in the light.

Even though you have to suffer,
You are blessed for righteousness;
For Jesus is there to buffer,
For knowing of your faithfulness.

Be not afraid of their terror,
Neither as troubled or distressed;
Remain as the Good News bearer,
Through the Father you will be blest.

In your heart revere Christ as Lord,
But prepared to give a defense;
Respect while in one accord,
So, others do not take offense.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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