Straining Toward the Goal

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Everything that was a gain,
Now considered to be a loss;
If the sin I do not refrain,
Because of Christ died on the cross.

I consider everything,
To be a loss within my view;
On knowing what Jesus does bring,
Of having a surprising value.

Because of Him I have suffered,
Loss of all things considered crud;
But because of Him He buffered,
That He cleansed with the crimson flood.

So, I find in Him righteousness,
Of my very own from the Law;
Through faith in Christ gives blessedness,
From God based on faith cures the flaw.

My goal is to know Jesus Christ,
And power of resurrection;
Fellowship has become enticed,
That guides me towards His direction.

Assuming I will somehow reach,
The resurrection from the dead;
For I know that the Scriptures teach,
The nourishment what I need fed.

But I know that I reached my goal,
Am already fully mature;
I make my effort for my soul,
Temptations that I must endure.

I have not yet in taking hold,
But knowing the one thing I do;
Going forward that will unfold,
Leaving the past not to construe.

I pursue as my goal the prize,
Promised by God up in Heaven;
A treasure to open my eyes,
Inheritance to be given.

All as mature should think this way,
God will be revealing to you;
And no longer going astray,
Good deeds that you should always do.

We should live up to truth attained,
Observe all of those who live right;
From the temptations be restrained,
While remaining in the light.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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