The New Commandment

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We are sure to come to know Him,
By keeping of what He commands;
He bestows His vigor and vim,
If construed of what He demands.

Whoever says they came to know,
And does not keep what He commands;
Truly the truth will never flow,
Having filthy and dirty hands.

Whoever is keeping His Word,
The love of God has perfected;
For they adhere what they have heard,
And His commands not rejected.

And so, we know we are in Him,
Which is giving us our hope;
So, the future does not look grim,
For endurance now as to cope.

The one who says in Him he stays,
Should always walk just as He walked,
Should be the one who never strays,
Should always talk just as He talked.

I would write not a new command,
Rather an old one from the start;
The old rule only one demand,
That should be etched into your heart.

I am writing a new command,
Which in Him and in you be true;
A command that you firmly stand,
In the pure light shining on you.

For the darkness passes away,
As the true light already shines;
For following the path His way,
Walking the straight and narrow lines.

If you say you are in the light,
But you have despised your brother;
The darkness has blinded your sight,
Loving yourself and no other.

If you are loving your brother,
You are remaining in the light;
Not stumbling over another,
Always doing for what is right.

The one who hates darkness prevails,
And walking in the darkened path;
He will never learn the details,
When God will exhibit His wrath.

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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