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When he grabbed her hand
In the poeticly caging land ,
It was a feeling like sand
because it wasn't not love yet
Until he stood up to tell
That the beauty of tunes is she
After the first meeting, said he.

She knows it'll be harsh separation
They au courant their relation
But in spite of all loops
They carried on helped by coup
The one dolloping love pursue. .

Barefoot she stepped his soul
After he did the same
Cherishing her with tame in whole.
The time he entered in her,
Wearing him she forgot about herself
And soon she felt like treasure.

The desert of there love
Contained a mermaid and a man.
Both are totally aware
That one dawn will ruin all.
With the changing seasons
Abandoned will be the mermaid .

Or vice versa will be the recount
As to both are same sound
Willing to vibrate the atoms around.
Leaving one wander like a nomad
On the deserted road of love
With sand dunes of memories will blow.

Someone said it correct
Love is blind by all aspects.
Even after being aware
Love is flourishing them with care.
She's glad to have him
Cause he's her first Valentine.

Don't know about him
But she knows, she can't reach
The oasis of his heart ,
One day thirst of love of each
Will bury her in his mind gate.

But her inklings will remain
Inspire others and construct a lane.
Little bit her feeble heart knows
Love is nothing but dream of poet.

It's dedicated to her Valentine .
She's revealing her souls heart
That how much she love him .
Athena type was she
But then he redesigned
Making her a normal human.

She's, she'll and life long
Her soul will yelp this song ,
She loves and she loved
Only one man who's he......
"I love you my singer " said she
In the ink of virtual fong.


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