Study and Learn pray yours go and do not fall to modern Devices!

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Dear Sincere Rabbi Teacher with reason that good hands be and God's Gift not neglected A Presidents Church National founded school for yet to be: This is Michael Pinger at . Sad what some miss at the heart of the Southern Cross and God's breath of Time to keep pace with. Quran with new Books too, of Houses, Hemispheres godly Kept. May good guides come to be that man not forsake the present and Future their "Person", house duty with heavens above. May they come to live it proper!

Just a present Autumn Day!

Mars still part of the Day house and Sun Solar; while, the Neptune and Jupiter with Uranus
are tending the Night for a time, through Autumn end wither Come. Nature with Environment,
Weather and World is calmly holding its' punching under the Chin ways basically continuing
onward with Natures grace. Mankind for the Sum few settling for education and "Person",
of God's concern created through his guiding hands. They taking votes for "Sence", priest's
for Man's Mind with the only choice the Grain of Sand. Blessings be with Muhammad encouraging
Africa by God's Calendar, Governments by Nation, Names worthy of God's Claim to unify church
and God's Gift and by Allahs merciful ways Study and Learn of fully engrossed. The Few with
the stable, sane to Day and Year with heavens above; steadfastly, carryon knowing pearl of
Ice and water Wet and Dry ground with Time the Splash under arm pit, yet to be. All for the
merciful Environment of our Planet's natural life path way.

Oh, Nature and Good Lord praise be unto God with they of Godly duty always Done.

By Mictopyci Michael Pinger Yaw 11/18/2022

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