Praise the King

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O sing to the Lord a new song,
For He has done marvelous things;
His right hand and arm does no wrong,
Has worked salvation that He brings.

The Lord made known His salvation,
As He revealed His righteousness;
Within the sight of the nation,
Who repent of what they transgress.

He remembers His steadfast love,
And faithfulness unto His house;
Blessings flowing from up above,
To those who worship with their spouse.

For all the ends throughout the earth,
Have seen the salvation of God;
As believers given rebirth,
Professing to honor and laud.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord,
Break forth in praise and joyous song;
Showing He is loved and adored,
And that your faith in Him is strong.

Sing your praises unto the Lord,
Sing joyful praises with a harp;
Sing praise to Him in one accord,
Singing out with all of your heart.

With trumpets the sound of the horn,
Make a joyful noise to the King;
In your heart let the Lord sojourn,
Allowing blessings He will bring.

Let the sea roar all that it fills,
To the world who dwells in it;
In the valleys and in the hills,
Shining forth in all your merit.

Let the rivers to clap their hands,
Let the hills sing joy together;
The people obeys His commands,
As they come to praise together.

He will come for judging the earth,
Before the Lord judge each of us;
For showing you of your true worth,
With righteousness the world as thus.

Copyright © 2021 Richard Newton Sherrer

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