New Childbirth

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New Childbirth

I wish I hadn't had pre-eclampsia,
I wish I had a normal birth,
After all, the pain would endure,
For special beings would come into the world.
But, I was not able.
My body, at the time fragile,
The left kidney already atrophied,
The risk, and the blood pressure had gone up,
It had almost hit the three of us.
And, I will never forget the words of the doctor on duty at Santa Joana:
"Either I was trying to save at least two lives, or I would lose the three of us."
It was just time to call Shering do Brasil on a phone call,
Where Dad and Grandma worked at the time.
And so, nursing came to prepare me after lunch for that premature birth, 31 weeks, twin,
And, where I only asked God and Mary to give me strength for that hour, that day.
And, there in one of the rooms of Santa Joana, on 12/29/1998 at 6 pm it was, on a beautiful Tuesday, hot, and the doctors with the scalpel, opening my belly, and taking the two of you out of me .
If it was a normal birth, Gabriel would be my firstborn, due to the natural fit, and you, Princess Alexia Cristina, would be my second daughter.
But, God knows what he does, and the tears fall from my eyes, those sensations lived again are reborn in me.
They make me want to always thank you for your lives, for you are here, my beautiful princess, with a great name: "Greatness in Christ", where I am always committed to thanking and teaching you all the beautiful works of God.
If I failed you, my daughter, I apologize, I let your brother go, but God wanted to, although he still blames me for everything.
You are my life, just like the two who came a little later, Emmanuel and Anna Clara, and that my heart declares more love, declares that you came to teach me something more, so little daughter always keep in mind: Study, Work , Health (food, sports, dance), and yet God in all this.
Daughter seek Wisdom, as King Solomon sought, the rest follow,
And, my little princess, I love you, and this love is so immense, that I feel again today what I felt on the day of your birth.
I love you!
Handwritten today 29 12 2020 at approximately 11 am.

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