Tips from Guy Kawasaki

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Fantastic over-delivery by Guy. Here is the 30 Point Font version.

1. Mistake: Multiplying big numbers by 1 percent (Truth: Don’t use this type of logic. It does not work.)
2. Mistake: Scaling too soon (Truth: Companies don’t die if they don’t scale fast enough.)
3. Mistake: Partnering (Truth: Sales fixes everything.)
4. Mistake: Pitching instead of prototyping (Truth: A functional prototype reduces the risk that you can deliver.)
5. Mistake: Using too many slides and too small a font (Truth: 10/20/30 rule—10 Slides, 20 Minutes, 30 Point Font.)
6. Mistake: Doing things serially (Truth: Doing everything at the same time is how the real world works.)
7. Mistake: Believing 51% = control (Truth: The moment you take outside money, you have lost control. You have a moral, ethical and financial obligation once you take outside money.)
8. Mistake: Believing patents = defensibility (Truth: Only use the P word once. “We have filed patents.” “If you are acquired someday, the acquiring company will love that you have patents.”)
9. Mistake: Hiring in your own image (Truth: Seek balance to complement your skills. You need someone to make it, sell it, collect it.)
10. Mistake: Befriending your VCs (Truth: VCs are in the business of making money, not making friends. Just make your forecasts. They will ask you step aside if you don’t. “Just meet your projections.” “Under promise and over deliver.”)
Bonus. Mistake: Thinking VCs can add value (Truth: Fundamentally you want their money and 2 to 3 hours of their bandwidth each month.)

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