Reflective Reading of Dan Brown's Book

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Reflective Reading of Dan Brown's Book

Reading Angels and Demons, and watching the film that clearly translates our imagination into real reading, I see that at the juncture, the Da Vinci Code, also between reading and the film, has many changes.
The issue of the Church itself, the reflections that make the Forbidden Bibles of the History 2 channel understand, that make me see a Christ, at the same time Sanctified, Human, and as a human, even if he spoke to the rich, he was among the suffering people of his time, he became a martyr for these people, and how many of us did we become?
I wonder, that this past week, because I am on a Sunday, a day devoted to the ancient peoples to the sun god, greater star, in the Catholic, Christian religion, devoted to the Day of the Lord, Pope Francis himself, Chemist, Human, South An American, Argentine, allowed women to have more space in the works of the Church, but not yet to priestly, as pastors of other evangelical churches.
I see, the world changing too much, history itself, the history of science, arts, ancient architecture, circular shapes, and elliptical like those of the atom, all in a conjuncture, where I can understand my trait as a contemporary writer, who in vain Philosophy, it translates the fear of Opus Dei, and the lies lived by the power of any Christian denomination, where the servants, continue to have faith in Something, in an Energy, that perhaps we feel and do not see, and still enriching not God, but the shepherds, who live in their mansions, with security guards, with expensive and rare jewels, and how miraculous they are.
And, I see myself in the context of which I was raised, between the Catholic, Roman Church, where I committed sacrilege, and the Spiritualist Philosophy, in which I believe that my life is connected with the worm, with a worm, with the so-called corona virus, we are all energetic clusters of God (Matter, if it is all that takes up space - volume - and has mass), then we are all creatures of something greater; perhaps from the God Particle, as we find in the book Angels and Demons, Higgs Boson, we are something that we came from, we were created from Pure Energy.
And, with every step I take in my study of Quantum, Science of Letters and Numbers, I see and feel it.
When I write the pain in my hands disappears and my mind goes beyond the imaginary, and I couldn't describe it.
Have I seen God, Christ? Yes, I have seen Him in my mind, He has no blue eyes, but dark skin, dark beard, and a voice of thunder; maybe I saw him at the time of my kidney surgery, of the Urinary Reflux I had since birth, and they put me in surgery when I was 4 years old, and I thank God, Aunt Eunice, doctors Labibi Taiar and Renato, and in fact to everyone, and I don't know why in the dream I remember that Adelia, my cousin, was whom I consider to be an older sister. Why I don't know.
Today reading this book, Angels and Demons, with a lot of reflection, I see a different life, and although I have often watched the films, I look for the Chalice of Transmutation, and I am sure that I am like Da Vinci, an Alchemist, who today have binary technology to transform manuscripts into digital spellings, to be recognized in a certain way here or in the world, to draw new philosophies, new rules for them to love and respect themselves, so that they have love for their neighbors as themselves, a Biblical, Historical legacy that makes up our lives.
And, still know secrets about Life, and I asked what Solomon, King, asked the Lord GOD Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh every day, only Wisdom to compose my days, with writing in prose or poetry, but also to indicate to the my children: Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel and Anna Clara, so that more documents are not lost, and I do believe that the Bible is not only composed of the evangelical texts of 4 people, but of others, of Mary, Mary Magdalene and many others written.
And, to understand why a Pope in the past, judged Mary Magdalene as a prostitute, a sex worker, even today the Church owes apologies to all these professionals, and there is more; how did Hittler, a confessed assassin, have the support of the Church?
Really, my reflex of violating the sacred, to understand that I, you, are all guilty of murders to Nature, people, disabled children and for so many things, yes we are guilty for wanting to auro, instead of friendship, we are guilty. ..
And, as Jesus on the cross had 2 thieves with him, one was forgiven, for having repented, and the other, believed nothing.
So, what will we be like? The repentant thief or the one who blasphemed?
This is my real reflection on everything I’ve read in Dan Brown’s book, and the films I’ve watched, not only of him, but of scenes from others but that bring me to the knowledge of Archeology, the past, which even buried below us, brings the History of who and why we are what we are.
Peace, Good, Wisdom and Health too.
Handwritten by Tereza Cristina G Castro in SP 17 / Jan / 2021.
09h and 22m.
Now transcribed for these sites.
God bless everyone after reading this short article.

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