Remote activity report

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Remote activity report
Chemistry Discipline Professor - Readapted and writer:
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.
Due also to the issue of decree 65384 of 17 12 2020 and Res. Seduc 11/21, and although he took the second dose of the vaccine, coronavac, and for presenting comorbidities, such as high blood pressure, and only the functioning of 70% of the kidney right, with the left stunted, I avoid going out of the house as much as possible and staying in agglomerations. I know that the school strictly follows the protocols, but due to the cases of our colleagues being hospitalized, intubated, and with suspicion, I see the need for all of us, only to effectively return only in the second semester. Well my humble opinion, and that reaches the uppermost layers. It would be easier, all professionals to be vaccinated, better there is a more efficient immunization, and without political wars as we see on TV. That hurts every Brazilian. To each one of us.
Well in the case of weeks B, and A, I act as always, I follow the atpcs not only in the area of ​​Natural Sciences, but all, the others. So much so that basically what was mentioned this week in the humanities atpc, apart from the issue of respect, because I see no difference in race, we only have one The Human Race. And, this race undergoes mutations throughout everything, to all evolutions, and to face the interpretation of each look, of each identity, where we observe minuscule, we have all atoms of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and other compounds. Anyway, we are human race and ready. We have to have a human conscience and respect, since we also want respect.
I have observed that the CMSP, is more didactic and less politicized in some stages, not only target the issue 100% cmsp, but other ways.
Well, like the presentation on the board itself, where there are new contributors and the presentation of partnerships like now the USP Research, not to mention the demand for active search, which for us professors, is being very laborious, but we are exercising as well as the school as a whole on our part.
I keep following the student union, via whatsapp, and requesting requests from colleagues who asked to fit sixth year old students, the group of the union is the school students, and those who are interested in a more participatory and protagonist view, of course will be always PRESENT.
Well, another report, where this time I was able to contribute more by digitizing some evaluations of the app, and seeing that in class A, one average, in others the other average. And, worrying about lag, now it will be nothing, in a future where we will have to continually evaluate our actions, as citizens and education professionals. It will be much more aggravating, to see the World socio-economic situation, not only here, because this pandemic war in which we are going through. I even remember some phrases I heard in the @Semana do Farol da Moda lives, what are we going to wear? What will be the production of the garment? I go further, what will be the food for all of us? And on the @Oficina do Livro live, this week, on Tuesday 4/5, to see the issue of culture, of a talented girl writer, fencer, who delighted in the live. The familiar example is everything, even if we have some sheep lost or looking for other ways.
So, I finish one more report, in my case, more fortnightly, or monthly, than weekly. Perhaps because of the condition of being readjusted. And, even going to the doctor, I try to fulfill my duty to participate in the atpcs, and chat in the chats as I have done, and given a thousand and one suggestion. But, as a colleague that I admire says, we are means that of the era of the dinosaurs, and we are adapting to this new era. It was from Aquarius.
Without further ado, I thank you for reading, and my thanks to everyone, as I know that nothing is easy. Let us continue in prayer for our colleagues and their families.
"# ForçaCida
# ForçaGOE !!! ”
Grateful to managers and coordination.

São Paulo, May 6, 2021.
Teka Castro, teacher and writer.


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