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Suddenly millions of people were subjugated, thrown into chaos.
But, in the end, they recovered in repentance, and went to heaven.
Others who stayed here,
They have not yet understood the problem.
I made Nature,
Every living being, every mineral kingdom,
I made the water, from Oxygen and Hydrogen,
In the three known states of Matter.
Life could be ethereal,
If the Man in my image, did not give free will,
For you to do so much nonsense.
Human Being, made in my likeness,
It causes ruin to itself,
And, say love me.
How can you judge the Creator?
Since early times,
They make wars in My Name,
They consume the weakest of beings,
And, they still haven't learned anything from the Words spoken by great prophets over time.
Muhammad, Moysés, Abraham, Daniel, and then I sent Jesus, Emmanuel, my beloved son, and they crucified Him in Jerusalem.
Then I sent Da Vinci, Nostradamus, and so many others,
But, they did not understand and the sacrifice was in vain.
Even in today's environment, I send prophets,
And many say they are tamed by the Devil,
And, they end up forgetting the Words that GOD should respect, love and adore (not in images), but do not spoil the Creation, and they go to churches of various religions in vain.
In today's mundane technology, I bring other messengers, perhaps Kardec, Chico Xavier, were two more that I put here to say about Charity.
And now, I take it for the words of a little girl,
The feather to symbolize:
"Love one another", without greed, without wanting to be such.
The smallest of my children, kneels and thanks.
Do not forget that material goods go around,
But, the soul, charity is what they mean to me.
See that my Son forgave at the time of death, a thief, who repented in body, soul and heart.
For those who really repent are saved even at the time of their passage to the final judgment.
Do not be presumptuous enough to want evil.
There is no church, physical temple, important,
There is the Church, people trusting in Me,
And those who give their deaths to the little ones.
Take Care of Children,
Be examples of hope, and know how to respect them,
They've suffered a lot.
So also love the elders,
They have the experience, which young people do not have,
And, they go beyond matter only,
Respect each other.
And, try to respect Nature, don't be nature killers.
And, take care of your bodies,
Young people are exposed to tattoos,
But, tattoo your soul with love, and dedication,
Work from home,
Or on a double journey,
Spouses assist each other,
Educate your children for Love.
And, remember what God unites, man does not separate.
Now be yourselves,
Dialogue is important,
Even if you leave the other for a few thoughtful minutes,
The communication between you must be fair and faithful.
Do not want material goods that you will not even use.
Remember the widow who gave everything she had,
And, she was at peace.
I know there are false prophets
In all forms of the world try to see Me.
I know they won't even consider what I'm writing about.
But, I mean, we still have no cure,
Although scholars are struggling for it,
While politicians fight over money, it seems that the people burn in their daily struggle.
Pray in your room, and remember to always thank the Creator.
Do not be consumers, because even some clothes, shoes, bags, electronic devices, and others, are the result of not only human invention, but also greed that reaches billions of children worldwide, without food, without water for forced labor to you consume your electronic devices.
Stop fetching oil, move the crusts, move the magma, and the destruction will not be caused by ME,
I made a covenant with Noah, and I will keep it,
But, the Human Being, destroys himself, destroying the world, searching for things, moving in the Great Forests and in the bottom of the Seas, be careful, this can be devastating.
When creating the Stars, and Planets, I made the day clear, the night dark (for the necessary rest), so don't want to reverse it to life.
Follow with love and hope, but do not destroy your plans and dreams when you were children.
And, Authorities of the world, pay the military a fair wage, and praise their masters with Scientific and Humanitarian Knowledge. Knowledge must be passed on, and for that, have the Fair Salary. Governors should earn less, and teachers, educators, doctors, nurses, and professionals who respect the public earn more.
Also, to be subdued, professional versus professional, everyone had training, and for what pride and changed voices?
They are all children of the Creator, so please follow the Words in Holy Books,
Love and respect each other,
Don't yell at your parents,
Don't even spank your kids,
May everyone follow the paths that lead to ME.
I know it won't be easy, believe me, but in the end, at the narrow door, when it opens,
You will see the EARTH that flows honey, milk and manna from Heaven.
Be the Life,
Read more, and I thank you
Here a respect,
It could be literary imagination,
Or like Nostradamus,
A notorious inspiration
Another prophet?
Follow Life,
And, love and respect Nature,
For everything, even small living beings, with humans is complete.

Text inspired on December 18, 2020, today transcribed for this site.
Author: Teka Castro

"So let your Light shine before men, that your good works may glorify your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

São Paulo, January 4, 2021.
Google translator.

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