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The present time, so many injustices
They get on people's nerves,
And, the heart sounds with pain.
The present time,
Disappoint, brings fear.
Inversion of values,
Family horrors,
And, in spite of it, diseases,
Abusive beliefs.
The present time activates
The thoughts, moments of loneliness.
And, the present tense,
It brings feelings,
Lived in all times,
And even more in 2020,
Where everything has changed.
Time has stopped.
And, people still devastate
Time goes by.
And, with solidity,
Christ, Emmanuel, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah,
It doesn't have to be,
They say they worship God,
And, they kill, they steal lives,
And, they still get rich
By drugs, by irrational measures,
And, time seeks peace.
Where will this be?
Everything will pass, except the Word of God,
Which are in the Holy Books: Torah, Koran and the Consecrated Bible.
But, people misrepresent reading,
They venture into not knowing:
Love, Covenant, Forgiveness and Faith.
They make attacks,
And, they claim to be sexist,
Everything can.
But, the time is of love, forgiveness.
And, where is the real reason?
What man does in his free will,
Destroy, kill, Brother against Brother,
Sick envies.
But, God sees everything,
And in DELE's time,
It will change this world.
The plagues of Egypt in the time of Moses,
They are not unique,
Well, Man himself in the Church, in the Synagogue, in the Mosque,
In a Candomblé Terreiro,
Destroys and leaves again,
Plagues happen.
And, do we have time for something more?
Many, such as the Legião Urbana group,
They sang about time,
Others said that the blender conversation,
If everything mixes,
However, the Present Time,
It makes us grieve,
By Nature,
And, for uncertain lives,
Not to mention the time we have,
And, that we do not regret.
Think about it, in your time.

Handwritten poetry on December 21, 2020.
Today 12/29/1998 transcribed for that site.
Author: Tereza Cristina G Castro

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