50 years of JH

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50 years of JH

I remember the music by Moraes Morena
At the entrance of JH,
After watching Globinho,
That he loved.
A nice move,
Kids newspaper.
So many years, and new journeys.
I remember the bench,
Paulinha Saldanha in the globinho in the air;
And then at JH,
Sandra, Fátima and now Maju.
Everything in a different world,
A legacy of many journalists,
That are no longer on the network,
Carlos Nascimento, and so many other talents.
Changes that were necessary,
Before without the journalist's opinion,
But today in a very realistic way,
It looks like Maju, is here at home,
Sitting in my living room
And, we are talking.
So, I would like to thank JH,
And, I asked that one day,
Globo repeats the Globinho newspaper,
And also the drawings they used to have,
Especially the Romans, and the futurists.
And now, in a little while,
I will see more reality in JH,
Where Maju Coutinho will report to us.
Congratulations JH for 50 years on the air.

Handwritten poem on April 21, 2021.
Day when JH - Jornal Hoje celebrates 50 years. Looks like it was yesterday.
Congratulations to the team of journalists, the cleaning crew, to the office boys and girls, and to everyone who is part or was part of all of this.
https://g1.globo.com/jornal-hoje/especial-50-anos/noticia/2021/04/19/jh-50-anos-veja-os-fatos-marcantes-dos-primeiros-30-anos- do-telejornal.ghtml


Author: Writer Tereza Cristina G M Castro (Téka Castro)

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