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"Time, time, time" ...
I start with a phrase from the song: Oração do Tempo by Caetano Veloso.
Suddenly, people say they don't have time for themselves, for the family, due to the accumulation of labor information.
Today, with the more than digital era, we no longer look each other in the eye, and so on. We hide behind social networks, even most of the time, profile pictures are fakes (fake), hypocritical, many don't have the courage to show their face without makeup.
Time something, philosophical: Chronos, what makes you think. And in these 2 sabbatical years, pandemics, I see that people who do not like each other, have moved further away, or even many of us, have forgotten their own family.
They will say, what family, we did not choose, but friends did. Lie!!!
As a spiritualist that I am, I say that before we become MATTER, we choose which BLOOD FAMILY we want to be in.
Friends often take you to the hole with sweetness, and the family, more harsh before you fall, always advises you that it is not so.
Today people say that they do not have time for this or that, but I learned in this long journey, that TIME, we are the ones who do it, we who adjust, the only sad thing is that there is no time to go back, when we see a before leaving. I know well what it is, I suffer for the age of my dear uncles, my children (Gabriel aged 2 and 10 months), Aryel (spontaneous abortion - 23 years ago), father, mother-in-law, these really, I will not have more time I asked for forgiveness from my heart, to say thank you for teaching me, for even discussing politics, football, but, the rest, there is still time to build bridges and tear down walls.
I know that today some family members who chose the same profession of Educating, it is sad to hear from the mouth, or from writing, that they do not have time to read, or listen. It is sad to see that today we are all enslaved in a device called a cell phone, and that we often do not even see those around us.
I am saddened even by my children, my sensitivity, which sometimes comes across in the bipolarity of my days, makes me be more read, more heard, when I pick up the pen, and on a papyrus I put my ideas.
Time is ephemeral, it passes quickly, and as much as many scientific fictionists say of the time machine, we cannot change the past.
Ah. How good it would be, to go to the beginning of everything, tell Eva not to eat the forbidden fruit, or for Cain not to murder Abel, or in general, not to have the Crusades, or before the Crusades, for people not to murder at the CHRIST, and so on. But, we cannot change what GOD wrote, even when it comes to going on a time machine.
As I wanted to have time to learn more as a child and teenager, exaggerate more in my writings, learn a lot about my paranormality with FREI ALBINO ARESI, and never fail to thank my cousin Vilma Marqueto for introducing me at the age of 18 to the MENS SANA ASSOCIATION.
Ah! Time, not spent writing handwritten, and then typing, even with 2 fingers on the computer on poetry sites.
I don't spend my time every Thursday, picking up and putting the dry garbage, which can be recycled, at the gate, so that the selective collection truck can pick it up.
I don't spend my time having memories, remembering my uncles, aunts, especially Joaquina, or cousins ​​overseas. I don't spend my time watching my series at the level: CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and others.
I don't spend my time listening to students, or doing anything for them.
And even so, I don't waste my time, and I will never say that GOD doesn't have time, because He is in everything I do, and even in this poem
what a trait, after a trip to Aqua Fit at Sport Fitta, to take care of my health.
Ah! The time, that you, reader, editor, spent to read this text, I thank you for your appreciation and I always bless you, without you, I would not exist with my poetry, and I thank the space that involved me, the people that in this literary world I met , and I am grateful, that one day I got to know Castro Alves, in his Negreiro Ship, who made me and makes me fight for Justice, we are not black, white, yellow, red, we are HUMAN RACE, and so I leave time for you there reflect, and think.
Still, I will write that at the beginning of my career I dedicated myself a lot to EDUCATION, I taught morning, afternoon, night, and often after the birth of my children, I said I didn't have time, today I regret it, because in this teaching profession, many Sometimes I left my children to teach others' children, today, if I try to get closer, I see that in the past I was so wrong with Education, SEESP, to dedicate myself. Today sick, with no voice to teach, and without the necessary amount of salary, because if today I am readapted due to dysphonia, my voice was working too much in the classroom, and this is called an accident at work, but for these unworthy politicians, we have to be devalued, trampled, butchered.
Ah. How I wish time would return ...
But, I thank my God for everything that this body has gone through, through tiredness, neglect, and also many joys and blessings. In addition to my poetry: Alexia Cristina, Emmanuel and Anna Clara, masterpieces co-authored with Edú and Deus, my written poetry, published in print in books, or in the type of a computer.
Anyway, thank you for your time.
Handwritten in SP 6/02/2021
At 10:51 am

I offer to GOD for the Gift of Life, of writing, of Chemistry.
I offer it to my family, children, cousins, mother, father, uncles, nephews, brother, brothers-in-law, in-laws, and all those who somehow, even though they taught me some bitter words, are part of a cycle that I will never forget.
I offer students, colleagues, managers, and my teachers, that I learned a lot.
Anyway, and I offer you, my reader, your criticism, your friendly word, your reading.
SP 6/2/2021

Today 2/9/2021 - transcribed for these sites.


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