Forests in the world, call for help.

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Forests in the world, call for help.

Aboriginal people in Australia mourn the affected jungle.
Lives that are only there, koalas, and others, being devastated by fire.
Right there, above, in the north, America, devastated,
Little beings cry,
That have already been reported in several drawings, not only in Sing, or the Secret Life of Animals, or in the construction of being a rascal, looking for food in the Sanctuary, in New York Park,
Is here.
Crying tortoises, jaguars, anteaters, armadillos, tapirs, and others,
Reptiles of all kinds.
Set on fire, to put them in the high Amazon,
Flames invade hollow,
They invade and the tears fall.
But, I think here,
Paulistana, crying, screaming for the Amazon, cool.
But if I eat anything, I leave the garbage marks on the streets, on the beaches,
Without the commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle, reuse, rethink my actions, how can I really fight with the generation of indigenous people who are there suffering from everything?
If I am from São Paulo, I play, pack the condom I use, and the drug pins, on the sidewalks or leave thousands of cigarette butts on the roots of a Public Hospital, how can I fight for the burning forest?
If on Fridays I go out with the gang, I fill myself with alcohol, addictions, consumption, how can I awaken my environmentalist in politicians?
Yes, the Forests on fire, and a youth that screams, but that reaches its own life with waste that ruins itself. And here I am, in my look of astonishment, managing images, which add up to my writing, asking for my writing, asking Pope Francis, and the powers of the world, joining Greta, Miguel Carqueija, Adilson Mikami, to Jonathas Viana, Gaya, the Earth, to the space created by God, so that we can remember that Life is a cycle, that everything we plant, we harvest, and on top of that, I position myself as a person who fights, not only through the Amazon, Australia, the United States, but through the blood diamond mines, which today are transformed into ores for the most powerful cell phones, and meanwhile, my people, children there die, victims of neglect, and the excessive consumption of us humans.
Take care of Planet Earth, read the letter of 2070, listen to Guilherme Arantes, Water Planet !!!
And, let us ask God for forgiveness with all our hearts.

Handwritten on October 2, 2020.
For all of us on Planet Earth, who have destroyed our Planet as much as possible, we have to try to change the attitude of our attitudes.
It's hot, hot, desert temperatures, 40 degrees Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit, in São Paulo, that's why we are in early spring here in Brazil.
Let's think about what could happen in the summer?
Plant trees urgently, we need to.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro

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