Arthrosis (ICD 10 - M18)

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Arthrosis (ICD 10 - M18)
Suddenly the hands start to become stiff, and tie the life of a writer.
Dreamer with so many prominents, teacher, but who can no longer raise her arms to write on the blackboard; or often on the keyboard of pcs, cell phones, notes to type ?!
The pains that are often seconds, but so deep, so true, the hands that leave the fingers crooked, unable to wash a dish, sweep a house, or even simply comb my hair, something I no longer have, long hair , but many just change clothes, and raise arms, pain makes it impossible, but I remember Stephen Hawking, scientist, with ALS (cid-10- G12.2), in a wheelchair, a living brain inside a weak, fragile body , but fighter.
Arthrosis came now, fibromyalgia first (ICD-10: M79.7), and now this. How long will I take this? How long will God allow me to live like this? Before, I was more active, now passive in the same acts, I find that even boring. But, arthrosis is like that. I take a dozen drugs, medicated for pain, and there are times when I want morphine for those who know how to do what I like, clean my house, and manage to win every day.
I managed to write, because it always gave me pleasure, writing is an orgasm, in which I rise higher and higher, where I find my peace, which to be honest, even in prayer, the sexual act I can achieve, so I ask God , that it does not leave me so sore, that my arthrosis, find a medication, and that I with my mind and hands, in my life, in this era that I am learning, I never stop writing.

Handwritten on 02/11/2021 - at 9h and 35 min.
Today transcribed for these sites.

Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro - Writer.


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