Prophecies 2021

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Prophecies 2021

In no way was invested in the health of the most fragile, many viruses returned to life, and the comorbidities were exaggerated.
The profit from vaccines for certain governors, and researchers running short.
The language of many, with a cold grip, failed again, and became victims.
Life has collapsed;
Now virtual studies, and many teachers becoming you tubers,
Doing what is right.
Radical thinkers,
Exposed, killed in a desert.
No more crowds for young people,
The Society has changed,
Now punish it for good,
And, children no longer belong to families,
They are uprooted as properties.
The few temples still standing, cry out to God,
They ask the people to have faith.
But there is a new apostolate in all of this.
And, life becoming more fragile every day.
Peace is among men in suits,
Among the lords of uniforms,
Who share the same table,
And, young people in the trenches die without families close by.
Now, there is still hope,
Poets write in symbols,
In order not to be flogged in the punishment of generals,
And, new humanity rises,
And the poor cry out as in the past,
Cherished by Mary and the Angels.
And, the Hands of God on every Planet,
Until He takes from everyone: this free will,
And come back with the staff in your hands,
To point out the just and the unjust,
To open red seas,
Or to expose them to fear, to eternal prison.
Life on Earth will still exist,
But, now without Man to exterminate everything.
Peace and well, stay well, stay home.
Life is the Divine Gift,
He gave, He takes.
Diplomacy must exist,
And, children love and respect their parents, without hurting them with bitter words.
Follow the examples,
The teachings of the Lord,
Listen to the thunder of the Writing of Laws,
Honor father and mother,
And parents honor their children,
Take them to the ways of the Lord. Amen.

I offer it to all the Chemists of the Planet, which today June 18th is the same day. I offer all the professors of this fascinating subject, especially to my ex professors, from EEProfessor Alberto Conte, and from Ibirapuera University, especially Carlos Carmello, in memoriam to those who left due to the coronavirus, and their expectant families, and today is the day of the Queen Mother 3 times Admirable. Peace and good.

The poetry was handwritten on June 14, 2020, at 10 am.
By Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.

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