São Paulo

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São Paulo, my city

“Suddenly, in corners of the city, I observe people who do not come and go,
Some do not even notice each other, Or see, in the sky of the periphery, The birds and their magic songs.

Suddenly, rivers cut into the city. And we see that, within them, are all the waste that we throw; But I don't want to see my city with its rivers and streams,
Which are like veins and arteries clogged by our waste, without basic care.

My city, people in front of a magnificent space!
Described in the dreams of conductors and musicians, It has suffering lives, people who walk like zombies ... And here I am, seeing the situation, without being able to give these people a hand.

I know I'm not the only one! Something criminal, social ...
It became a public health issue, and the health of my city is already collapsing.
We are all tired of seeing such situations!

In front of schools, we see people who offer what is not good for our children,
And yet, I have a hope: that of seeing the people of São Paulo well!

That, with love for life, for nature, for the diversity of this city; Respect everyone as if they were themselves And that health, safety and education Are really in the heart of this people, who wake up at dawn Due to work, sweat and tears.

I love my São Paulo, but I don't close my eyes to it! I know about environmental, political problems and more. Being a mayor or councilor in this city with so many Brazils in it is not easy!
But with faith, hope and the pure heart of a child,
United we will all win. ”

Sao Paulo, My City
São Paulo do Brasil great gear, which make up the Brasis in one City.
São Paulo, hardened land, life becoming polluted, we kill trees, streams,
And, we are still welcoming.
We have in São Paulo, all flavors, all creation.
From skyscrapers to the periphery floor.
We have inequality, but we also have equality of souls.
São Paulo, which from the past started in the Anhagabaú Valley,
Woods, rivers, and everything, today what we see, not even the trafficable river anymore,
But, the rains warn that there was a river there,
Well, the man lets himself empty his things on the streets of São Paulo, causing a flood.
But, I don't leave São Paulo, no, where my people live.

Two versions of sharing my city São Paulo to the world.
These poems were sent to a virtual anthology promoted by Councilman Eliseu Gabriel.
I am grateful that one of them was published on http://sabiopoeta.com.br and that it was available until 18/08/2020.
Teka Castro

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