Alexia Cristina

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Alexia Cristina

22 years ago, I was getting ready for the day before New Year's Eve, but suddenly, an itch hit my whole body.
Inside my womb were you and a little boy, who became an angel, and it is useless for me to want as much as I want, my beautiful daughter to write just for you. I have to remember Gabi.
I went to Maternidade in Paraíso, Hospital Santa Joana, and there they touched me on December 28, 1998.
I remember that day well, and the feelings I had.
The next day, summer time, I remember beforehand, that I had an ultrasound, and the concerned doctors preferred to have a cesarean section, on 12/29/1998, and you were sitting in my womb, the doctor at 18h and 24min . he said to me: "Wow what a loose girl!" Soon afterwards they took Gabriel, you went from there to the incubator, at the Neo Natal ICU, and I only came to see you on 12/31, due to severe cesarean pain and everything that was going on in my life.
You know, daughter, today you are healthy, you were always treated like a princess for your prematurity, and that your father and I agreed on another day to talk, you are special, a beautiful girl, a girl who when she is dancing on stage transform yourself, from the rubber cat to Cinderella, you were born for ballet and I'm sure you will still study and teach with joy, patience and resilience.
Daughter, I know that sometimes, it seems that I just fight, I want things, waxes, I want everything done with love, with an immense desire to teach you, and I know you have a lot to learn.
Sometimes, I see looking for work, but it's difficult, I didn't want you to become just a saleswoman, any other profession that didn't value your years studied in Dance, I wanted you to be that child born with 1kg and many times 900 g. I wanted to get rid of false friends, complicated dating, envious people, I wanted to be your best friend and be more than your Mother.
I want my daughter to bless you a lot that day, I asked God to protect you, give you joy, health and much more perspicacity to carry out a bigger life project.
Daughter, I can only wish you and give you studies, however the greatest sacrifice is up to you.
Daughter, see examples like me, your grandmother, Aunt Joaquina, your Godmothers (Celia - baptism and Confirmation. Conception of Consecration, Aunt Alessandra of Graduation), remember that we love you and only want the best for you.
Daughter a happy birthday, grow up and study.
Work and always the difficulties thank God.
You have been a winner since childhood.
Keep fighting, my princess and thanks for choosing us as parents: Me and Eduardo. We are in the spiritualist philosophy to learn from each other.
I love you I love you.
Tereza Cristina G Castro

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