Message to the candidate Eli Corrêa - Councilor to SP - 2020.

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Eli Corrêa, good afternoon. Well, my school director, I really wanted it to be, I better leave as a candidate for councilor, but there are things that the parties welcome and that don't make up my mind. But, having someone special, I can think of supporting a lot, especially if that someone, like you, will fight for the Environment, because today I heard about the issue of biodiversity, that we are polluting everything, we murder animals, from insects, to large animals, we murder trees, swamps, we invade the animals' terrain, and we startle when a fake coral is in a bag of oranges, as it happened last week. Not to mention, the visual pollution that plagues our city, the clustered wires, from all networks, and all sides, outside communities, favelas, where we have "cats". Other than that, we have to take advantage of the recycling of dry, recyclable waste that Dória left, that was a small point for him, I don't like it when he treats us, teachers, as disposable waste. Well, Eli, we have to think about recycling, sustainability, and cleaning our sidewalks, and gutters. Of course, we have sweepers, but they don't pass every day, and we human beings, we are very stupid, we dirty everything, we degrade everything, so much so that I already report that up, on top of even the stream that flows into Billings, leaves the Jardim Selma, Vila Missionária, Jardim Ofélia, a stream next to the municipal school Mário Schömberg, known as Santo Amaro 1, today I see that stream without life, without tadpoles, fish, and others. You know, Eli, moreover, we have to qualify Education professionals for the issue of Inclusion, and value, even if I am not from municipal education, we have to value teachers, and remember that Education begins with the Family, and training, knowledge, orientation of the different Sciences, at school with a teacher. Well, dear Eli Corrêa, there are so many issues, safety, health, which is precarious in every way, at IAMSPE, we were unable to schedule anything, and excuse me for the verbiage, I am pissed, because children of parliamentarians and others, have benefits for Health until the mid-thirties, and our children, teachers, and Education staff, turn 21 and are disqualified, I get crazy about life, I keep thinking about my son with ADHD and mild ID, and my daughter who despite turning 22 in December, they have bi-lateral cataracts, and are disqualified. Difficult. So, that's it, my dear Eli, thank you for everything, and may God bless your family, children, grandchildren and others. "I miss you!" And, have a good path and performance in politics in the Peace of God. Hugs from the teacher, writer, mother, daughter of Dona Deonilde, Téka Castro http://recantodasletras.com.br/autores/tekacastro SP 30 9 2020. 15h 17m

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