A testimony

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A testimony

I come through the ages
I reflected what in the past
I caused so many conflicts,
I let myself be dominated by greed,
And I imposed wars,
Who were never Saints.
I brought down and killed families, I eliminated the Hebrew people,
And I was still cruel to children and women.
And, today in Life of the New Century,
I see that History
It's being told again,
With the same whims as before.
Wars are iniquities,
Not only do they eliminate Human Lives,
But, in truth, the Creation of the Father.
I walked many times on the rocks,
And go your way.
I was a witness to history,
I left the counterfeit "glory" of the dominants,
Today I am at the service of the Father - God,
And, I still use meditation
As a connection for something to say.
Many will not understand,
But, others should understand,
That money and the materialistic world,
It does not lead to the Evolution of the Soul and the Spirit.
I believe that something will change.
Be faithful to God.
Love your neighbor and Nature as yourself, and I thank you.

Handwritten and inspired poem today 9/11/2020 -
I offer in memoriam to the workers of 9/11, the day that bin Laden declared war on the American people.
God bless you all.
Muslims, Jews, Spiritists, Christians of every religion, GOD is one, and we are his offspring, so much disunity ???
Tereza Cristina G Castro, teacher, writer, environmentalist and spiritualist.
More images: https://brasil.elpais.com/brasil/2018/09/10/album/1536577621_182478.html#foto_gal_3

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