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Somebody give me morphine
To relieve these pains,
That stiffen my limbs,
And, it makes me not even remember what life is.

Somebody give me morphine,
I take it in a single dose,
I can't take it anymore nor can the house clean,
I want to go.

Someone inject me with morphine
So my soul is relieved
Of suicide, that is my request.

Pain traces my entire body,
The internal organs feel,
The phalanges too,
Sometimes I feel a trapped soul,
With so much to do.

Please a doctor,
Specialist or simply human,
What do I do to relieve the pain of the soul,
Which turn into fibromyalgia?
I want pain relief.
I want to go back to my tender years,
I want to start over,
And, without having to get used to the pain,
That prevents me from even doing and talking about Love.

Handwritten on November 3, 2020.

I offer people who have fibromyalgia, only those who have this disease, know the pains that mark them.
Dona Yvone Trotta, Lady Gaga, Simone Borges, Vera Lúcia Gonçalves, Dona Neide Barbosa Sobrinho, myself, and so many that I would like not only to cure this disease but so many, who still have no medication, like EBOLA, and now on the list Covid-19.
May God bless us and give us the grace to continue in the light, and in love.
When I feel like I'm trapped, I have umpteenth ideas, but the body is paralyzed and I can't do anything.
To Rheumatologists, General Practitioners, and Psychologists.
A lot of peace.
Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro
São Paulo, November 4, 2020.

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