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Atpcs CMSP

Suddenly, every day, who have atpc
(Collective Pedagogical Work Activity)
I, as readapted, watch everyone,
Both at the Media Center,
Like those of the South Directorate.
I try to interact much more than with poetry,
And throughout my 32-year experience in Education,
I hear the same movements,
But, with other arguments.
And in that year of 2020,
I've never been so interdisciplinary,
Maybe, when Lauro,
I was coordinator, or EE Manuel Borba Gato,
And, I see myself saying what I feel,
But, the advisors themselves,
You are afraid to say what I write, what I feel.
But, okay, I'll go further,
And yet, I congratulate these professional teachers,
Going early to wake up,
And, coordinate a state network,
A regional network,
And even the school unit,
But, there are so many methods,
That in fact I only saw the issue of more work for the teacher change,
And, these are also lacking in weaknesses,
And, of remarkable moments of 2020.
A new new world,
But, with old reflections from the point of view of a writer - teacher.

Handwritten on August 5, 2020.
I offer to all technicians and coordinators of the São Paulo Educational Media Center, to coordinators, and other professionals, as well as to all boards and schools. Besides, everything for our secretary Rossieli Soares, and the whole team.
Also for parents and students, who are all learning differently. God enlighten and keep us.

São Paulo, August 16, 2020.

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