Alessandra de Jesus Mendes

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Alessandra de Jesus Mendes

Previously I did a little acrostic
Taking into account my vision
Hope of the person like
I felt my brother's disappointment.
I know I talk a lot,
Sometimes as his godmother says,
I browse bitter words ...
I must apologize for everything,
I emphasize to you, my sister-in-law,
I'm sorry if I lacked respect.

I owe you a big thank you
And, I hope you'll forgive me if I offended you

I justify my writing,
And, I hope the best for you.
Knowing that the pain you feel is not easy
Uniting our prayers,
I know that you will win very soon.

Forgive me from the heart.
I hope you like another acrostic (in Portuguese),
In the current situation, of a certainty
Due to everything we've been through
Waiting on God and Mother Nature
I'm sorry if I hurt you. Forgiveness only.

Acrostic in Portuguese, manuscript in São Paulo, on the seventeenth day of April, two thousand and twenty at 8h and 48 minutes, watching the global newspaper Bom dia Brasil.

Today 4/18/2020,
Transcribed to that site.
Author: Tereza Cristina G M Castro.
Cold afternoon of a typical autumn day, with a few moments of sun, at 14 h and 24 min.
Peace, good and health to all of us.
Image, my 3 year old son with my sister-in-law Alessandra, in a Tchan Models fashion show - https://applocal.com.br/empresa/tchan-model-s/sao-paulo/sp/8096522
15 years ago.

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