During Quarantine times

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During Quarantine times

Pandemic - when a disease spreads over a large number of regions on the globe, that is, it is not restricted to just one location, being present in a large geographical area.
Lethality - number of deaths; mortality.
Transmission - Transmission of infectious diseases requires an interaction between the transmitting agent, host and environment.
Hygienization - is the act or effect of hygienizing, of making an environment, place or surface hygienic or clean.
Telemedicine -https: //saude.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,telemedicina-o-que-e-para-que-serve-como-funciona-e-principal-cuidados,70003256590

Talking about all the items above, in our quarantine, that if we check the reading of the Old Testament, when God saw the human pride, but the cool guy led Noah and his family to build a boat of immense dimensions, and that it could be male. and female of each terrestrial animal species, and so sent the flood for 40 days and 40 nights, but in the whip of life, God left Noah isolated with his family and animals, for 100 days, in a peace that we seek too much today.
After this episode, we had more notions of quarantine, number 40 in our lives, and today in the 21st century, something in the world shakes, no one is free from a small, microscopic being that dismantles, makes giants, the modified virus of the corona-virus , but we also have to be careful with dengue, zika, yellow fever, measles and others, we know that taking care of yourself and the environment is necessary and that it is necessary today to have the health issue and know how to thank those that get contaminated by taking care of us.
We will not forget the daily diaries that each one makes, each being produces, resistance, patience, resilience, times to try to discern fakes and good news, time for reflection, times when it even appears, and many still isolated, a depression.
In addition to taking care of the coronavirus, we have to be aware of other epidemics, occasional diseases of the soul, and the uncertainties of the policy that is in our lives. Now is not the time to say this or that is the best candidate, we have to, in fact, check everything, even worrying about who doesn't want to, drug users, drug dealers, and the release of many murderers from the penitentiaries, have banned themselves visits, it was for the good of each prisoner, but I do not understand, in SAMPA, it seems that the bandits are in charge, and now I say even they must be afraid, because without basic care, they are not better than the others, they are also vulnerable and much more.
Now is not the time for firearms, it is time for unity to try to eliminate an unusual enemy.
So be sure to be careful, to be isolated at that time, and to take care of this pandemic.
We will act with Wisdom, we will act with capacity and be aware that although we are in the same sea, some are still on tree trunks, boats and others on ships sailing in this pandemic sea of ​​the twenty-first century.
And, in this time of quarantine it is best to stay at home, avoid crowds, agglomerations, but to be human, to know how to take care of others, to know not to hit others, and not to profit from those who do not have.
Come on, we joyfully won this pandemic together.

Handwritten poetry on 2/4/2020.
Transcribed to that site.
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Author: Professor and writer Tereza Cristina Gonçalves Mendes Castro.

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