Cool parties or favelados in the pandemic

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Cool parties or favelados in the pandemic

Suddenly, all we see is the lack of control of human vanity.
Bacana, the rich man, can run for the hug, and everything that happens at the funk dance, drugs, sex, orgies, loud music, people without the right to come or go, and so, they get infected, without respect, without agreements.
As Titãs would say: Police, for those in need, police so ...
Suddenly, we see the elections coming, and I applaud the speech of Luiz Datena, from Urgent Brazil, his speech on October 5, 2020, at 5:32 pm and 32m, I applaud his speech, Datena, who often speaks what i'm thinking.
In fact, today he will report the issue of drugs, things I always say, there are politicians, big guys, so this shit doesn’t end.
The worst thing is to see that young people studied, informed, and so technological, are in search of these substances, that instead of taking the hoe, and planting, or taking care of their parents, of the people they love, they search for the hookah, which can cause cancer in the mouth and digestive system, and seek pleasure, and respond to yours.
Now, see two pesos and two measures, if I have a party, or my neighbor, for sure, we will be denounced, because we will be crowded, and now, the cool people from São Paulo, and the Trump collective, celebrate without masks, living in a selfish little world, a consumerist little world, and the poor, not only from Brazil, but from the world, dying, due to so many human, sexist and shameless mistakes.
Everyone lacks LOVE, everyone lacks the conviction that we are all children of God, and I am tired of so much politics, the thing to remember is that as long as we destroy Mother Nature, and disrespect a little being called Corona Virus, finding that he will not bring down giants, keep in mind the plagues of Egypt.
And, I just say, that life today requires two things: Respect and Empathy.
Peace, well, health, and light.
Tereza Cristina G Castro
SP 5/10/2020 - 17h 51m.

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