The Difficult Art of Loving Your Neighbor

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The Difficult Art of Loving Your Neighbor

We all have difficulties in our personal and interpersonal relationships.
There are moments that we would like to be alone, and to penetrate our soul every day in a deeper, more serene way, and to know how to interpret our desires in a harmonious way.
We all have faults, fights, intrigues in the family field, but it is in this interaction that we also learned in our few years of life to be what we are, and to improve, to recognize our mistakes, desires and attitudes.
Given that in 2012, I ended up provoking a family fight, and tried to wash my clothes on facebook, today I even regret it, and today I try to post things from day to day, poetry, convey my dreams, my ideals, the search for peace, the environmentalist experience.
I feel that family members that when I was a child I admired and loved, today many have been lost in memories, and are no longer part of the family, that on Christmas, Easter, my mother used to go to Aunt Joaquina's house, there she made lunch, and the family met. Today, that contact has been lost.
I saw that I was blocked by the two people I most admired in my life, my cousins, daughters of Aunt Joaquina, ...
But, I know that time solves everything.
Belly pain does not happen only once.
I see my mother often upset, because the beloved nieces no longer care, or even if they want to come to SP, they will visit at least my mother.
This is so true, that while writing this text, my eyes filled with water, with tears, and a film plays in my mind.
It is so difficult to love your neighbor, when that neighbor is so close to you, that you have the same blood ties, and that in one way or another they were raised with the same education, despite the age difference.
I am often sorry to be passionate, but I am the mixture of my mother and father, I am a little bit of Peter, who cut off the ear of a Jew, and I am a little bit of Paul, who persecuted Christians, and who in this union of mixtures, I am what I am, I can improve, yes, but life teaches us that love is art, and loving your neighbor as yourself is a gift.
I will not say, I say, write, that I fought with my family, as I said I am passionate, and even in the professional issue I have my mistakes, we are all here, in this Expiatory Planet Apprentices, and we have to seek help, recognize our mistakes, know our longings, our bitter words, even learned, and knowing how to separate the chaff from the wheat every day.
If someone I discussed with my family (Gonçalves, Mendes, Freire, Henriques, Motta, da Silva, Ferreira ...) or the family I chose to live with the same last name (Riveiro, Castro ...), never fought for love, or argued with bitter words, let me throw the first stone.

Feeling rejected by my cousin sisters Adelia Henriques and Angela Maria.
Sorry, and may God bless you always.
Peace and good.
São Paulo, February 11, 2020.
16 hours and 58 minutes.


Teka Castro, daughter, cousin, niece, wife, mother, teacher, writer, citizen.

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