Logbook, teacher, dreamer, human in times of pandemic

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Logbook, teacher, dreamer, human in times of pandemic

We arrived in September, and I even remember songs, like Mornings of September, sung by Vanus. It's September 2020.
A new society has emerged, and in counter departure, tragic moments of what is more sordid in the Human Being.
Although many matches are counted, I think of names of friends, acquaintances, neighbors who contracted the covid-19.
I need a being a little bigger than an atom to stop the world. For Nature to re-establish itself in some areas, like the reconstitution of the Ozone layer, protection of our Planet, of our home, against the ultra violet rays.
But, even so, the human being, many seem to get no good, do and discard their rejects in streams, rivers, forests, mountains or beaches, always leave their own dirt.
Besides, in this pandemic time, as a hypertensive teacher, with only one kidney (to know why they read: https://www.recantodasletras.com.br/e-livros/5738457) and readapted by the dysphonia, helps to spread the blog: educalauro.blogpot.com, in the register of apps (evaluations), to spread and help other colleagues with a friendly word, or the students who still come to my house, because they are friends of my children.
In fact, every week I watch atpcs (collective pedagogical work activity) at EFAPE, Centro de Mídias de SP (CMSP), or atpcs of the South 1 Board of Directors, and the school where I taught and was coordinator, EE Prof. Dr. Lauro Pereira Travassos. Always trying to participate, because it is a duty to at least listen to the news, information from synchronous, asynchronous classes, remote study, and others. Knowing that in class, in person, we do not always reach all the students, some live in their own little worlds, now make such an active search, inform the student, help him to build his own protagonism, the anguish, knowing that many do not even have what to eat, imagine having a computer and the like to study?
It worries me, I even get guilty of not being able to help anymore, of not understanding perhaps the processes of school management, to help my GOE Marluce Dutra, I even wanted to be able to do, but maybe I need a password, authorization, messing with the pagemntos of teachers and employees is not an easy task. That's why I admire the GOE that is in the school where I am. Competent, energetic and do the work with love.
Now, honestly, since March 2020, living at home, I stayed a long time even without going to the gate, but now I leave with mask, and often the alcohol gel in my hands.
Writing during the pandemic, I do this almost every day, from an early age, in fact I met a writer, of small verses, texts, to later graduate in the Discipline of Chemistry, because matter is all that has mass and volume. Anyway, it's hard not to deny that I don't see my brother and family, or my brothers-in-law, my nephews, but we're all at the mercy of governments that want to find the ideal vaccine for money, to collect from poorer countries, after all we live in a capitalist world.
And while the vaccine doesn't come out, I stay here at home, following my rhymes.
Hard task. Now in October we will go back to classes, if everything is ok, if the paulistas and paulistanos, the Brazilians respect the forty, the distance, use protection and pray to God, for union, everything can go back to be as before.
But, I think, here there will be elections, and if we see, every year there are agglomerations, "people" pigs throwing "saints" to the ground.
And then they want to be elected, to have power, and then the dictatorship will come down in our democracy.
And so I end this text, not the diary, with the simplest expression of my poetry.

Manuscript on September 10, 2020.
It is also taken as my report to the Coordination and Management of the school in which I teach, even though I have been readapted since 2014.
I offer to all quoted in this text and also i memoriam of those who have gone so far, in that year of 2020.
Peace, well, light and much health too.
Tereza Cristina G Castro.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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