A new stage of the Earth

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A new stage of the Earth

Earth in 2020,
Had a stop
The Nature of so much Man killing her, was irritated.
Suddenly, shopping centers,
No more business crowds.
And, the partners of capitalism have sunk into debt,
They lost lives,
They were victims.
Now, in a new stage,
The Earth begins to spin again and, suddenly,
He left people like Green Peace, WWF and others like me,
More alerts to what the Planet gives us.
It’s no use just killing,
The seas explore to the center of the Earth,
It is not fossil oil that will provide us with food.
I'm sorry, being tough,
But, we have to know the Earth,
It will experience new stages, new directions.
It often seems that we will walk
As in the early days,
But, remember that GOD is One.
And, that everything created.
And, it is no use for Man to go against the Divine Creation,
Because, it will have bigger consequences,
We’ve seen that now,
"Plagues", insect manifestations,
Seas rising every day,
For the fires we make, And the rains that do not come,
They bring to Man,
Suffering too.
So, now it's thanks for 2020,
And, seeking to be conscious,
Going in search of technologies,
That don't kill children's lives in Africa,
Or in another part of the world.
Go in search of values,
Of joys, of blessings.
God was never against science,
But, scientists, they must never play God.
For it will bring chaos to the Planet that sustains Life.
Let us hear the voices of Indigenous people,
Let us hear the voices of the Forests,
Let us listen to the heart in a way to find ourselves true.
And remember that Every Planet,
It needs the Union,
From Humans, Vegetables and other animals,
Not to mention the Mineral kingdom,
That provides us with water,
Life and quality.
And we human beings who kill all of this.
So in the name of God,
Respect Nature.
Life will surely flourish.

Handwritten on August 13, 2020.
Today 8/16/2020, transcribed for that site.
May we be able to take care of Nature, as Greta, who is a small great activist, says, let us not do as our minister, he laughs over a vast region of the Amazon, which was being devastated by men illegally.

I offer to all the peaceful environmentalists on the Planet, Luisa Mell, for Greta, for Pope Francis, who is a Chemist and Franciscan, for all children born in 2020, for us teachers, who are playing a super role worldwide, even with remote classes, and for all our students.
In memoriam not of the numbers, but of the fatal victims for Covid-19, and for their families.
To God and Nature.

São Paulo, August 16, 2020.
13h and 34min.

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