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When one of you has a grievance,
A matter against another;
Does he dare go to law by chance,
Pursuing against the other.

Do you not know the saints will judge,
Are you incompetent to try;
For you would be holding a grudge,
A trivial case to apply.

Do you not know we are to judge,
Matters pertaining to this life;
Tribulations that were a drudge,
And were causing toils and strife.

So, if you might have such a case,
Why do you lay it before those;
Who have no standing in this place,
Not aware how procedure goes.

So I will say this to your shame,
Can it be that there is no one;
That is wise enough to proclaim,
A verdict that has to be done.

Brother goes against a brother,
And that before unbelievers;
A crime performed of another,
Defrauded by the deceivers.

But you yourselves wrong and defraud,
Even against your own brother;
Pursuing against flesh and blood,
A sibling from the same mother.

Do you not know the unrighteous,
Will not inherit the Kingdom;
That is considered contentious,
Without the spiritual wisdom.

Be not deceived by prostitutes,
Tempting with immorality;
Into the house of ill-repute,
Or homosexuality.

For the thieves are very greedy,
Swindlers will never inherit;
That steal from the poor and needy,
Because of their wicked merit.

You were washed and were sanctified,
And as such were many of you;
Because through Christ were justified,
By the Holy Spirit as true.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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