The Remnant of Israel

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Lest you be wise in your own sight,
I want not you be unaware;
Of the mystery in the light,
Partial hardening of despair.

In this way Israel is saved,
The deliverer from Zion;
Banish ungodliness enslaved,
Jacob like a roaring lion.

This will be the new covenant,
When Jesus takes away their sin;
No longer to be dominant,
Allows salvation to begin.

As regards unto the Gospel,
They are enemies for your sake;
They are beloved by the people,
Allowing the soul to awake.

For the gifts and calling to God,
Having been irrevocable;
As long as you honor and laud,
If repentance is viable.

As you were disobedient,
But now have received His mercy;
His glory is so radiant,
As His grace is setting you free.

Even so have these not believed,
Through your mercy they will obtain;
As salvation will be received,
When their repentance did attain.

For God has concluded them all,
Disobeying for unbelief;
But save with mercy from their fall,
Rescuing them from strife and grief.

The depth of knowledge and wisdom,
Unsearchable are His judgments;
Cryptic riches of His Kingdom,
Curing you with His atonements.

Who has known the mind of the Lord,
Or who has been His counsellor;
And who has been in one accord,
Who has been just like your brother.

Who gave a gift, so He is repaid,
For from Him in Him are all things;
He is prepared to render aid,
Compassionate glory He brings.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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